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Social Media Brand Building

Brand can be small to big size businesses, products and individual which need as much exposure as possible for better accumulation. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and G+ has made it easy to fabricate your brand booming online. This write up is discussing about the important role of social media branding to build up better reputation and relationship of with users.

Social media marketing has now become an innovative way to reach greater audience in digital market. Daily over 665 million active users on Facebook and 500+ registered accounts on twitter that strengthen the role of social media in online marketing.

Ever increasing popularity of social media inspires entrepreneurs and individuals to encompass power of social media in their online marketing strategies.

Why Include Social Media in your Brand Building Strategies

There are many reasons to choose social media as your strategic marketing efforts such as;

Google Pays More Attention to Social Media

Google has come up with a social media platform called Google+ to keep pace with the social media competitors like Facebook and Twitter. It shows that even world’s largest search engine giant give prominence to social media.

Moreover, social media efforts are SEO friendly and also help your brand to increase their visibility in search engines at some extent.

Instigate Better Relationship with Customers

Having presence on social media channels you can not only ensure better exposure but also nurture a relationship with customers. Nowadays, people are searching online for reviews, suggestions and conclusions of a particular brand. Here social media plays a vital role by providing a platform to introduce your brand on which customers can trust and rely.

Engaging Platform

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and other are one of the most engaging social media platforms. You can utilize these social channels to get acquainted with your brand and brand can also get acquainted with their customers.

In short, social media sites increase real engagement with brand and users.

Free as well as Paid Opportunities

Social media sites offers free as well as paid opportunities to market your brand online is the foremost benefit of this powerful medium. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offers paid campaigns that can be customized as per your marketing needs. It increases sales and help your business to get better exposure.

Some Statistics that Support Social Media

  • 86% of online entrepreneurs consider online networking as an imperative strategy.
  • 60% advertisers show positive results just by working 6 hours per week.
  • 85% of organizations comparatively reported increment in their business using devoted social media platforms.
  • 70% of social media marketing experts reporting more organic traffic.

In brief, focused social media strategies can effectively work for your brand and make it amplifying online.

Written by Daniel

Online Marketeer and Dr. Digital himself.


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